Tursair Standing Desk Converter


CONVERT ANY WORK SURFACE Designed to sit on top of any table, desk or worksurface to create a standing desk. Can be simply stored flat when not in use.

EASY ASSEMBLY Designed with just four interlocking pieces slotting together to provide the ultimate height adjustable standing desk for your laptop, assemble or disassemble in less than 30 seconds.

VERSATILE The height of the keyboard & mouse shelf and screen shelf can be varied easily using the nine slots. The keyboard & mouse shelf is 56cm x 24cm to give a large desk space with ample room for a full size keyboard. The universal design allows for the shelf to flipped for either left or right handed mouse use.

ERGONOMIC Elevating your laptop or monitor screen from the desktop to a more comfortable, ergonomic, neck and back friendly height whilst standing.

NATURAL Our standing desk converter is CNC (computer numerically cut) from FSC sustainably sourced 18mm birch plywood. Every piece is hand sanded and and delivered in a beautiful unvarnished natural plywood finish.

Stand: Built height = 69cm, Stand width = 40cm, Stand depth = 29cm
Keyboard & Mouse Shelf: Shelf Width = 56cm, Shelf depth = 24cm
Screen Shelf: Shelf Width = 37cm, Shelf depth = 23cm

Laptop, mouse and keyboard pictured for context purposes only.